Resource Efficiency Management Program (REM)

REM is an innovative management approach (Human Performance Based) that focuses on reducing energy and other resource consumption, saving money, and helping the environment
The REM program augments existing facility resources and focuses on no- and low- cost opportunities to reduce energy consumption in real time, including behavior aspects of energy end uses and operation and maintenance measures
Under the REM Program, full-time Resource Efficiency Managers support facilities efforts to reduce energy costs and consumption and meet their mandated energy conservation goals 
NAICS: 541330 Engineering Services
Customer: US Army Corps of Engineers Huntsville Center
RFP Date: Q1 FY15
Generate cost savings greater than the annual installation REM Program costs in the form of verifiable utility cost savings, energy project grants, avoided costs, and other incentive payments. 
Establish a highly visible energy and water resource conservation program through awareness campaigns and training
Strengthen energy policies within the organization
Establish the REM as a installation resource for occupants, building monitors, operations and maintenance staff, service-providing utilities, and other energy management trade organizations
Provide strong educational and motivation components to all occupants at a facility
Develop and review the economic and technical feasibility of energy conservation projects
Provide project management and coordination for development and implementation of energy conservation projects, including ECIP, ESPC and UESC projects
Increase recognition of the installation’s energy program through good management practices and preparation of reports, case studies, award submissions and other program documentation
Identify areas where tenant organizations are undercharged for utilities used
Improve the efficiency and sustainability features of new construction and renovation retrofit projects. To meet these goals, the REM will, at a minimum, perform the task activities listed below