Energy Information Management Program

Description: Provide garrisons with an Energy Information Management Program

Customer: Corps of Engineers

NAICS: 541512: Computer Systems Design Services

RFP: Q2 FY15


  • Will integrate energy data to allow management of resources, providing energy data integrity, automated measurement and verification, asset management, and asset sustainability
  • Will integrate disparate data from multiple systems and programs into a comprehensive visualization environment, and ensure that the necessary level of security is enforced at each junction of data collection to process and prevent unauthorized disclosure of the garrison information
  • Will ensure reliable and timely access to data and resources to authorized individuals, and provide control-based assurance levels to the analytics supporting the capital investment strategy
  • Provide operational communication network to collect, integrate, and analyze energy data and activities on a garrison
  • Based on asset managed framework to identify and inform the upper-level command structure for making investment decisions to reduce cost, reduce energy consumption, and support mission assurance
  • Will interface with both relational database systems and real-time operational data systems to provide real-time and historical metrics and analysis which includes connectivity to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems, industrial control system(s), building (facility) management systems as well as relational database systems such as real property and metering databases
  • Will collect and aggregate data from systems throughout the Army, such as building energy management systems, renewable energy generation systems, inverters, energy storage devices, advanced metering infrastructures, synchro-phasors, conventional generation, advanced energy systems, substation metering and monitoring systems, and SCADA, Distributed Control System (DCS), Distributed Monitoring System (DMS), and energy management control systems (EMCS) systems
  • Integrate with GIS software for a single view of the status on a map with supporting analytics below the map
  • Support for information assurance and certification