Enterprise Automated Security Environment

Description: Enterprise Automated Security Environment (EASE) Request for Information
Due: February 3, 2015
NAICS: 541519
The EASE concept envisions an environment in which automated and dynamic enterprise-level cyberspace1
defense capabilities—such as adaptive sensing, sense-making, decision-making, and acting—provide shared situational awareness and support response in cyber-relevant time2 .  EASE itself is not a capability, but the concept aims to enable the government to improve its own cyberspace defense capabilities, benefiting from the enhanced interoperability and automation that EASE should create. In addition, other enterprises may voluntarily leverage this concept to augment their own cyberspace defense capabilities.

Making the EASE concept a reality will require the concerted, collaborative efforts of government, private sector, industry, academia, and other stakeholders, such as critical infrastructure3 and key resources (CIKR) end users. This RFI represents just the first step in this direction.