Information Technology Support Services

Description: The Department of Energy, Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence (IN), services to support its varying levels of unclassified and classified IT support services.

Customer: Secretary of Energy

NAICS: 541511: Custom Computer Programming Services

RFP: Q2 FY15


Below are the characteristics of the IN Information Technology Support Services requirements:

  • The firm will work with IN to perform services to support its varying levels of unclassified and classified IT support services. At its core, IN operates and manages two classified wide area networks, one at the Secret level, and one at the Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) level. IN further supports connectivity to the DOE unclassified network at its headquarters locations in Washington, DC and Germantown, MD
  • The firm will work with IN on continuing software application development and system integration support for several commercial and government off-the-shelf products to include support for a key National-level program called the NMIP
  • The firm must have knowledge of and participated in support of the National and Homeland Security Presidential Directive (NSPD-48/HSPD-17) and a program similar to NMIP
  • NMIP is a national-level interagency program effort managed by the IN in close coordination with the Departments of State, Defense, Homeland Security, Justice, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and agencies under the Director of National Intelligence. NMIP was formed to organize, consolidate, and assess information concerning worldwide nuclear materials holdings and security status, which is essential for an effective strategy to prevent illicit acquisition of such materials by terrorists, non-state actors or rogue nation-states
  • While specifics of NMIP are classified, the goal of NMIP is to consolidate information from all sources pertaining to worldwide nuclear materials holdings and their security status into an integrated and continuously updated information management system. This will help understand the gaps in current knowledge and ensure that such information is available to support all appropriate Federal departments’ and agencies’ nonproliferation, counterproliferation, and counterterrorism efforts. NMIP also is developing a national registry for identifying and tracking nuclear material samples that are held throughout the U.S. to support the information needs of the United States Government