Operation and Maintenance of Government-Owned Facilities and Equipment for Black Warrior-Tombigbee and Alabama Rivers, AL

Description: Furnish all planning, supervision, labor, equipment, material, supplies, replacement parts, and all things necessary for the Operation and Maintenance of the Black-Warrior and Tombigbee River System and the Alabama River Locks and Dams, Alabama.

Customer:Department of the Army

NAICS: 561210 - Facilities Support Services

RFP: Q1 FY16


•  The maintenance of numerous equipment and 26 upland dredge material disposal areas
•  Maintenance and repair of project structures and buildings, locks and dams, offices, maintenance of facilities, operation areas, navigation channel, disposal areas, project roads, vehicles, floating plant, boathouses, bathhouses, washhouses, toilets, gatehouses, security and other fences, sanitary disposal systems, launching ramps, playground equipment, bulletin boards, game courts, water and electrical systems, telephone lines, picnic sites, campsites, and other related facilities. 
•  Additional maintenance work includes guardrails, gates, electric barrier gates, signs, bumper blocks, landscaped areas, beaches swim buoys, paved roads, parking lots, trails, navigation aids, courtesy docks, and boundary lines.