Description :The Department of Homeland Security, Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) and the Federal Technical Operations Working Group (TOWG) may have a requirement for technical investigative surveillance equipment (referred to as "TechOps").

Customer: Homeland Security

NAICS: 334220 - Radio and Television Broadcasting and Wireless Communications Equipment Manufacturing

The purpose of the Technical Investigative Surveillance Equipment ("TechOps") contracts was to provide a full array compatible and inter-operable technical investigative surveillance equipment, limited services, and annual technical refreshments to meet the covert surveillance objectives of participating Federal Agencies using the prices described in Section B, Supplies or Services and Prices/Costs. While ancillary services in support of the equipment are required, the principle purpose of the procurement is to obtain equipment. TI equipment and services are limited to the following:

  • Covert video equipment with optional audio that includes transmitters, receivers, repeaters and IP Cameras, offering mobile and fixed options and multiple concealment options
  • Covert audio equipment that includes transmitters, receivers, and repeaters, offering mobile and fixed options and multiple concealment options
  • Ancillary services that includes engineering for construction of concealments, training, technical services, and maintenance