Engineering and Support Services for Network and Information Systems Technology Programs


The Department of Navy, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego may have a continuing requirement for Networks and Information Systems Division's requirement for network engineering services in support of various specialized information systems and network technology programs..

Customer: Navy

NAICS: 541330 - Engineering Services

RFP: Q3 FY20


Existing systems/programs supported include:

  • Naval European Meteorology and Oceanography Center (NEMOC) Computer Systems and Network Administration
  • Electronic Key Management System (EKMS)
  • Network Warfare Simulation (NETWARS)
  • C4I Systems Development and Support
  • Local Area Network (LAN) design, integration and installation
  • Fiber optic communication systems

Additional candidates to be supported include:

  • Next Generation Local Area Network (NEXLAN)
  • Information Exchange Requirements (IER)
  • Headquarters 21 (HQ21)
  • Defense Red Switch Network (DRSN)
  • Scientific and Technical (S&T) Network
  • CINC 21 ATD
  • Coalition Wide Area Network (CWAN)
  • Global Information Grid (GIG)
  • USCINCPAC Command and Control Support System (C2S2)
  • Command Center Improvement Program (CCIP)
  • Commanders Secure Network (CSN)

Technical requirements include:

  • Systems Engineering: Capabilities, Requirements, and Assessments
  • Systems Engineering: Architecture Research and Design
  • Systems Engineering: Modeling and Simulation
  • Systems Engineering: Engineering Development
  • Systems Engineering: Cyber Security Certification and Accreditation (C&A)
  • Systems Engineering: Developmental Testing
  • Systems Engineering: Production
  • Systems Engineering: Operational Testing and Evaluation
  • Systems Engineering: Training
  • Systems Engineering: Production Documentation and Reviews
  • Systems Engineering: Installation
  • Systems Engineering: Operational Support to Platforms or Facilities
  • Systems Engineering: Logistics Support
  • Systems Engineering: Upgrades
  • Systems Engineering: Program and Project Management Support
  • Network and Computer Support
  • Process Improvement Planning
  • Software