Cyber Information Technology Services

Description: The Naval Supply Systems Command, FISC Norfolk has a continuing requirement for cyber information technology technical, training and analytical support to Naval Information Forces and its subordinate commands. 

Customer: Navy

NAICS: 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

RFP: Q3 FY18


The required support is in the area of Information Technology (IT) professional services. This PWS provides for services requirements that include both short term and annual support. Specific support services and tasks will be provided in detail at the task order level; however, the required IT support will be in the following mission areas:

  • System Administration (SA)
  • Network Administration (NA)
  • Host Based Security System Administration (HBSS)
  • Assured Compliance Assessment Solution Administration (ACAS)
  • Information Assurance Controls Verification (IAC)
  • Information Assurance Validation (IAV)
  • Technical Writing Services (TW)
  • Information High-Performance Computing Modernization & Integration Support
  • Strategic Communications Support
  • Network Environment Modernization & Mission Support
  • Information Operations (IO), including: Electronic Warfare Operations (EW); Computer Network Operations (CNO); Psychological Operations (PO); Military Deception Operations (MD); and Operations Security (OS)
  • Mission, Functions & Tasks Support (MFT), including: Signals Intelligence (SI); Strategic, Operational and Tactical Planning Support (SOT); Operational Support and Reach Back Support (OSR); Database/Library Data Management Support (DM); Fleet Information Operations IO requirements (FIO); Experimentation, Tactics Evaluation, and Doctrine Development Support (ETED); Systems Assessment Support (SA); and Engineering and Technical Services (ET)
  • Navy Information Operations Database (NIODB)/Mission Data Load (MDL) Production Management
  • Electronic Warfare (EW) Training & Curriculum Development Support
  • Program Management and Project Management Support (PM)
  • Development of TTP/SOP Artifacts (TS)
  • System Patch Administration Support
  • Security Technical Information Guidance Controls Support (ST)
  • Development of CONOPS
  • Cross Domain Management
  • Maintenance Figure of Merit (MFOM) Sustainment
  • Ashore Modeling Implementation/Sustainment Support
  • Defense Readiness Reporting System – Strategic (DRRS-S)
  • Defense Readiness Reporting System – Navy (DRRS-N)
  • Navy Training Information Management System (NTIMS)
  • The Navy Mission Essential Task (NMET) development process
  • Navy Readiness Reporting Enterprise (NRRE) Policies
  • HTML/ASP Web Developments, Adobe Flash Development, Instructional Design and MS Office Applications