USACE Financial Management System CEFMS Database and Administration

Description: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Memphis District, may have a continuing requirement for CEFMS Database & Maintenance for the USACE Finance Center, Millington, TN. 

Customer: Corps of Engineers

NAICS: 541513: Computer Facilities Management Services

RFP: Q3 FY15


  • The requirement for CEFMS development and maintenance has been broken down as follows:

    1. Application Development/Maintenance (Attachment 1)
    2. Database Design and Administration (Attachment 2)
    3. CAC/PKI Electronic Signature Software Maintenance (Attachment 3)
  • A general scope of work for each of these requirements is attached for review
  • The Government requests comments on the overall contracting plan as well as comments on specifics of the submission requirements and other issues affecting the performance of the services described above
  • Specifically, the Government is searching to find whether or not there are responsible vendors who can fulfill these requirements as a whole, or if the services needed should be acquired under separate contracts

Task 1

  • The contractor shall assist in continued support and testing of the software required for the operations of the Corps of Engineers’ Financial Management System (CEFMS)
  • The contractor shall provide continuous assistance for identification and correction of programming deficiencies, programming modifications based on regulatory modifications, data elements needed to produce reports, and/or changes to improve functional operations of screens (e.g., relocating of data fields on a screen to facilitate use of the screen). Knowledge in following skill sets are required:
    • Oracle Product skills

      • Oracle Developer 6i/10g Forms and Reports application development environment
      • Oracle SQL and PL/SQL language
      • Oracle Hyperion Production Reporting (SQR) toolkit
    • Fundamental Oracle Skills

      • Experienced in efficient relational database design.
      • Understand how to write efficient application code, and optimize legacy code, using skills with the above products
    • Resolve real-time performance problems, including identifying high-load SQL statements, and other application bottlenecks
      • Experienced in Oracle security features, such as authentication, roles, password-protected roles and auditing
    • Fundamental UNIX Skills

      • Experienced with shell programming (Bourne shell, C-shell, K-shell)
      • Experienced in utilization of SSH, SFTP, and SCP for host connectivity
      • Experienced with configuration management software and practices ( CVS, PVCS )

Task 2

  • The contractor shall assist with principal support to CEFMS tuning to include expert knowledge of UNIX, Linux, Solaris, Sun Microsystems, and Oracle SQL/PL*SQL software tuning techniques
  • The contractor shall also provide assistance for environment, database design, configuration, etc
  • To achieve CEFMS user support objectives, assistance will include optimization of platform specific hardware and software tuning considerations to maximize the performance of the CEFMS activity across the Army Corps of Engineers Information Technology (ACE-IT) architecture

Task 3

  • The contractor shall assist with System Documentation initiatives as requested by CEFMS Government Staff members

Task 4

  • The contractor shall provide other support functions to include training, testing, and user support of CEFMS and related functions as deemed necessary by the CEFMS Government staff