We will connect you with the top candidates who meet your requirements without charging comission. We work with you to understand the type of candidates you are seeking for every job opening. Need extra hiring support? Go-to-Market Solutions can join forces with your recruiting staff to support hiring surges or, if you don't have a recruiting staff, we can provide all these services for you. Here are some the some of the capabilities we can provide:

Retained Staffing

  • Recruiting efforts are based on a fixed fee model rather than charging comission on each candidate
  • Find the right level of effort based on your current hiring needs
  • Connect you with key candidates inside your competition
  • Connect you with the top candidates who meet your company requirements

Focused Search

  • Much more affordable than waiting around for a staffing agency to work on your job requirements
  • We are your recruiting team responsible for filling each and every position
  • Work together with you to understand exactly the candidate you're seeking
  • Strong understanding of your industry in order to provide the most qualified professionals for any given position

Complimentary Recruiting

  • Join forces with your recruiting staff to support hiring surges 
  • Recognize the need for high volume of canidates in short periods of time
  • Team up with you in order to fill those hard to find candidates

Candidate Exclusivity.

  • No shopping of the same candidates to multiple clients
  • Ability to find candidates who are not necessarily seeking a new position at the given time
  • Deliver only the top candidates who fit your needs and company culture


  • Quickly identify the candidates
  • Faster time to billable hours
  • Cost-effective solution